Piano Restoration

A piano that is old, or a piano that has been damaged can be restored to its original condition. This involves replacing or rebuilding worn parts, and refinishing the cabinet. Very often an older piano that has been well restored will look better and out perform a new piano. A 75- or 100-year-old piano, completely restored by a skilled craftsman, will be a beautiful musical instrument for another 75 or 100 years.
A piano restoration can be partial, or complete. In a complete restoration, every part of the piano is replaced, rebuilt or refinished. A piano that still has some parts looking or working well may only need a partial restoration.
Here are some things that can be done in piano restoration:

  • Refinish the cabinet, and repair any cabinet damage

  • New keytops for white and/or black keys

  • New hammers

  • Pedals can be replaced or re-plated to look new

  • New strings

  • New dampers

  • New soundboard