Action Regulation

The touch of the piano can be improved by regulation. This is the process of resetting the piano’s internal moving parts to the manufacturer’s specifications. A well-regulated piano will have a good touch, and will play freely, smoothly, and evenly. If a piano is not regulated it will be difficult to play softly or repeat notes rapidly, and creates obstacles for the beginning student. A well-regulated piano is a joy to play because it is consistent and responsive to the demands of the pianist.

Most home pianos need to be regulated every 5 to 10 years. Performance or heavily used pianos need to be regulated more often. Signs that a piano needs regulation:

  • Keys seem to go down too far, or don’t go down enough

  • Uneven touch from one note to the next

  • Keys are not all at the same height

  • Difficulty playing softly or loudly

  • Keys feel too heavy or too light

  • Keys are sluggish, notes won’t repeat rapidly.