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There are many reasons you may want a written appraisal of your piano's value: when securing a rider on your insurance policy, insuring it for a move, or before placing it in storage. Additionally, when selling your piano, a written appraisal will provide a solid basis for setting your price and negotiating with potential purchasers.


We are available to assist you in purchasing a new or used piano, either from a store or from a private party. Buying a new piano is a large investment, and the process is often confusing because of the large variety of brands, models, and competing claims. When buying a used piano, it is difficult for the purchaser to ascertain the true value of a piano, if any repairs are needed, and how many years of good service it has left.

A purchase consultation is even suggested when a friend or relative wants to give you a "free" piano. It's happened many times that someone paid hundreds of dollars to have the piano moved to their house only to discover the piano is untunable, and the cost of repairs would far exceed the value of the instrument. A purchase consultation is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure you are making a good investment, and getting the right piano at the right price.

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