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We are a team of expert piano tuners and repair technicians serving Charlottesville, Albemarle County and Central Virginia. Every team member is both a skilled technician, and dedicated musician with a passion for music and pianos.  We know first hand the frustration that can occur when your instrument becomes a source of stress instead of a source of joy.  Whatever condition your piano is in, we will provide the best service possible.  Our goal is for you to enjoy your music.

Our Team


I began piano studies at the age of 12, studied music in college, and eventually became a professional musician working in New York City. My interest in piano technology began in 1996 when I found a position in a piano rebuilding shop and began learning to tune, repair, and restore pianos. Building on that experience, four years later I attended the year-long piano technology program at the University of Western Ontario. Upon completion of the program in 2001, my family and I relocated to Albemarle County.

Since that time, I have been serving the community as an independent piano technician. I am a member of the Piano Technicians Guild and, by passing a series of exams, have attained the classification of Registered Piano Technician. Additionally, I actively pursue ongoing professional development by attending continuing education seminars, subscribing to professional journals, and participating in on-line piano technician discussion groups.

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I was born in California but have spent most of my life in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.  I love and appreciate music of all varieties from the 17th century to the latest popular song. It is this love that drew me to the piano at a young age and later, towards being a piano technician. 


I was fortunate that my dad was a piano technician. I learned early the dramatic difference between a well-maintained piano  and a neglected one. 


I began my career as a piano technician under the tutelage of Rick Butler, who was the piano technician at the Kennedy Center.  I then apprenticed for two years with my father, David Weiss, a concert-level tuner and Registered Piano Technician.  I a member of the Piano Technicians Guild and, by passing a series of exams, have attained the classification of Registered Piano Technician


Today, I am a skilled technician and get no greater joy than connecting with other music lovers to help them get the most out of their piano.


In addition to woking with David Weiss Piano Service, I am also the piano technician for the University of Virginia Music Department and the Tuesday Evening Concert Series.

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I am so proud to serve the pianos of the Charlottesville area! This is where I was born and raised, where I learned to play piano and love music, where I developed a fascination with taking things apart and learning how they work, and where I found a synthesis of those two passions in piano technology. I’m a music lover through and through, and while my piano playing is limited mostly to classical and ragtime music, I’m a fan of all styles of musical expression, and always want to hear the perspectives of other players and listeners. It brings me enormous joy to help my fellow pianists get the most they can out of their instruments.

Whether it’s sparkling new grand or grandma’s dusty ol’ spinet, I treat every piano I meet with love and respect and want to see it perform at its highest potential.

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