Piano Repairs

Although we think of a piano as a musical instrument, it is also a mechanical device with approximately 5,000 moving parts. Most of these parts are wood, felt, leather, or metal. Felt and leather parts will wear and compress, wooden and metal parts will break, dislodge, or warp. This happens on even the most expensive pianos. Keeping everything on the piano in good working condition will help maintain the value of your instrument and make the piano enjoyable to play.

Typical repairs include:

  • Sticking keys

  • Notes that don’t sound

  • Broken strings

  • Rattles or buzzes

  • Pedals that squeak or don’t work at all

  • Broken keys

  • Notes that keep ringing

  • Discolored, chipped, or missing keytops

  • Broken legs or casters

  • Broken music desk

  • A piano that won’t hold a tuning.