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Recommended Products

Piano Lifesaver
A Piano Life Saver is a humidity control system for your piano. It will help your piano stay in tune and will protect against the long-term damage caused by humidity fluctuations. These systems are recommended by almost all major piano manufacturers. They are installed out of sight, make no sound, and require only minimal maintenance by the piano owner.

Grand Piano String Cover
Grand Piano string covers are an easy and effective way to protect the inside of your piano from dirt, dust, animal hairs, etc. Piano covers do not need to be removed in order to play your piano and do not change the sound. They are custom made for each piano from high-quality wool and come in a variety of colors.

Cleaning Products
Cory Care products are what I recommend for cleaning all parts of your piano. These products are specially formulated to be safe and effective. I am available to help you select the correct cleaner for your piano.

Caster Cups
Caster cups help protect floors from the weight of a piano. They help distribute and reduce the amount of pressure the piano puts on the floor. These caster cups are crafted from American hardwood and come in a variety of colors.  Installation and help choosing the correct size is available.

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