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Basic Tuning

Basic Tuning.  90 Minute Service



Piano tuning is by far the most recognizable service piano technician’s offer. However, tuning is only a small part of your piano’s overall care and it's not the only thing that deteriorates over time.


This service may not be right for you if your piano has not been serviced within the last year or is in disrepair. In this case, we recommend one of our more detailed tuning options.

Click here to see other tuning options.


Initial Evaluation (New Clients)

Fine tuning

Charge for any extra services needed

Basic Tuning Price:  $180*


*If the piano has not been tuned regularly or has been moved, the fee will be an additional $60, but can be more for pianos that are very badly out of tune.  Trip fees apply out of county.

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Just a note to let you know.

The sound of my piano is spectacular.  After several years of distance, I feel that I have my piano back.  The beauty brought tears to my eyes.  

Thank you,

Rick Evans

Our Guarantee of Satisfaction:  All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed!

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