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Tuning & Seasonal Maintenance

As full-service technicians we can make your piano sound better and play more easily.  Have fun and rest easy knowing your musical investment is well taken care of so you can truly enjoy your music every time you sit down to play!

Tuning and Seasonal Service: 


* Our Most Popular Service*


 This two hour appointment is recommended for all pianos.

Included as time allows*

  • Comprehensive condition evaluation 

  • Fine tuning

  • Light cleaning

  • Lubrication (Reduce friction)

  • Minor repairs including sticking keys

  • Touch up regulation (Easier to play)

  • Touch up voicing  (More melodic)

* Depending on the condition of the piano the most important of these services will be addressed in this two hour appointment.  


Tuning and Seasonal Maintenance Pricing:  $250 


Your piano should not stand between you and your musical dreams. Every team member at David Weiss Piano Service is not only a skilled piano technician, but also a dedicated musician. We know the frustration that can occur when your piano becomes a source of stress instead of a source of joy.  Whatever condition your piano is in, we know everything you’ll need to take care of your investment for years to come.

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"My family couldn't be happier with the service we received from David Weiss Piano. We have an old piano that belonged to my great-grandmother, and it hadn't been given the attention it deserved in several years. David was extremely quick to respond to our needs and our piano is feeling like the grand old lady she is once again. From tuning and restoration to custom string covers and humidity systems, there is nothing that this company can't do. We can't recommend them highly enough and we will use them exclusively in the future. If you have a cherished piano that needs attention for a reasonable price, look no further than David Weiss."



Our Guarantee of Satisfaction:  All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed!

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